3D triangle modern simple abstract background wall in Fabric Textile Wallcoverings from Home Improvement

3D triangle modern simple abstract background wall in Fabric Textile Wallcoverings from Home Improvement
3D triangle modern simple abstract background wall in Fabric Textile Wallcoverings from Home Improvement
3D triangle modern simple abstract background wall in Fabric Textile Wallcoverings from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Brand Name: DINGJI

Material: Silk

Pattern: Yes

Feature: Mildew Resistant

Feature: Formaldehyde-free

Feature: Environment Friendly

Feature: Extra Thick

Feature: Water Resistant

Feature: 3D

Use: Living Room

Style: Modern

is_customized: Yes


Buyers must-read

Wallpaper price: $ / m2.

1 square meter = Quantity: 1      2 square meters=Quantity: 2       3 square meters = Quantity: 3...

Width x height = square meters = Order Quantity

These products are custom-made by buyers, so you should tell me the size of the products you need.

FAQ: Buyers ordered to leave. No size information. What to do?

We will wait for the buyer for 24 hours, then send the corresponding default 12 fixed size.

The figure below is 12 fixed sizes.0

Tip:If  it's feet (inches) .Give me information I will give you calculate the correct order quantity.

For example : Your wall size : Width = 2.8m        Height = 1.7m..

2.8m x 1.7m = 4.76m2 .So you need to order quantity: 5.

1 square meter=10.76 square feet.

Of course, if you have other questions, contacting customer service is the right choice.

0002 -

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Product installation03 04 -

The above picture explains:

1. Prepare the necessary tools: glue, brush, roller, spatula, ruler, knife, towel/sponge
2. Clean the walls to ensure that the walls are clean and clean. Clean the glue on the walls first.
3. Check the size of the wallpaper and match the template
4. According to the width of the wallpaper, the vertical line is on the wall.
5. Brush glue on the back of each wallpaper panel and mark the order on it.
6. Stick it to the wall, cut off the excess with a knife, and use a towel to clean the spilled glue.
7. When pasting the second panel, carefully match the wallpaper template. On the middle cover, use a ruler and a knife to cut off the excess and disconnect them.
8. Use a knife to cut the excess around the handle.
9. Use a spatula to make a flat wallpaper. Then use a towel or sponge to clean the spill. (Close doors and windows to keep it dry.)
All emails will reply within 1 business day. If you haven't received our reply yet, please resend it
10.  E-mail, we will reply as soon as possible.
If you are not satisfied with the purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your problems.
12. Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars thanks.
Choose quality materials06 -07 -08 -

High precision printing equipment05 -

Product certification09 -After-sales service10 -

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